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Coffee+Crumbs: Tutus and Cowboy Boots

Hi guys!  I’m back over at Coffee+Crumbs today talking about how my kids wrecked my perfectionism and exposed my control freakiness.  Can anyone relate?

Have you stopped by Coffee+Crumbs yet?  It’s a new site for moms and the writing is stellar.  I mean, I’m just trying to keep up.  These girls can share and get vulnerable and talk about the joys and challenges of young motherhood.  I’m having a blast thinking back to those early moments when my house was still filled with onesies and diapers, instead of iPods and Minecraft.

I’d be honored if you’d pop over and say hi.  Here’s a little taste:

tutus and cowboy boots.

I remember the cloth diapers all in a neat folded stack. I would take them out and show friends when they stopped by. The matching outfits hung perfectly lined up in the closet, and the crib sheets matched the new window valances, little pastel giraffes and lions all swinging in a row.

Everything was washed and smelled of Dreft and sunshine and happiness. The nursery felt like a promise.

And then the baby came home.  Click here to read more.


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image from Ashlee Gadd, from C+C