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Sheesh, I don’t even know how to say this, because I know that when I say it, it’s going to finally feel real.  I’ve been living in this little dream world where I have to keep pinching myself and I’m sure I’ll wake up and it’ll all go away.

But when I tell you, it’ll be out there and real and not just this really great dream but also my life, my favorite life ever.  I’m currently experiencing a butterfly epidemic in my tummy.

Remember how I was writing a book about this whole crazy craft of finding mom friends and how it’s like dating?  Well, I wrote it.

I poured my whole weird self into it.  It’s quirky and geeked out and I love my bouncy book baby.  It’s this little piece of me, with everything I know about mom dating, lots of my crazy stories, and stories collected from some of you.  I wrote it like I live, with my favorite Bible verses and movie quotes hanging out together on the same pages, like I’m talking to you over a cup of coffee while our kids trash my house.

And Zondervan is going to publish it.

Zondervan.  My shelves are lined with Zondervan books.  And now my quirky little words are going to be in one.

(Pause for mental freak out.)

This week they flew me up to Michigan to film a video trailer for the book.

YOU GUYS.  I can’t even pretend to be cool about this.  I was snapping photos like a tourist.  They had a welcome sign at the front desk for me.

And please.  Just in case you think I made my own sign and I’m making all this up, and I wouldn’t blame you if you do:

See?  Not making this up.  Holy cow, y’all.  This is for realsies.

I had to wear this badge:

In case you’re wondering, that’s my “Are you freaking kidding me with the AUTHOR thing?!?” face.  I tried to act like this kind of thing happens to me every day and I’m totally calm about having my DREAM CAREER.  For about two seconds.  Then I just started happy clapping and jumping up and down.

The working title of my book is Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends.  I have channeled all my awkwardness into this baby.  It’s an appropriate title.

So, about that trailer video shoot.  So fun.  My book made the big plannery whiteboard thing (That’s a technical term we authors use.).

There I am pointing to “Women Are Scary” and looking kinda scary while doing it.  That’s my “Are you serious this is my life?” face.

We had so much fun with this video.  First, I had to talk without using my hands.  I thought they were going to have to duct tape my arms to my side.  In playback, I noticed that I just gestured emphatically with my head.  We filmed all these cutaways where I’m making overly-intense eye contact and using funny voices.  I am such a nerd, a happy, happy nerd.

After shooting the video, I met the Zondervan team.  I tried really hard not to geek out about these amazing people who make books I love.  They showed me the Wall of All the Books where my book will go and I almost passed out.

Then I went to a yummy celebratory dinner at this farm-to-table place.  I felt like I was on vacation, cuz seriously, how often do busy moms get to go to fancy restaurants that don’t even have kids’ meals?!?  I don’t usually take food photos, but yeah, this was so pretty that I had to.  Ima Instagram the crap outta this later, mkay?

Chicken livers, my favorite.  Don’t hate; those girls were excellent.

And then I signed my first book contract ever.

That’s me trying not to cry/laugh hysterically.  I held it together, like a boss.

So, yeah.  Okay, now it feels real, now that I’ve told you.  The book’s coming out next spring, so, you know, go ahead and plan on packing it for spring break or summer beach vacation.  I also organized it so that you can fit in a chapter while breastfeeding, waiting during your child’s ballet class, or sitting in the carpool line at preschool.  You’re welcome.

As everything unfolds, I’ll keep you guys posted.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, you know, well, you could always subscribe below and then we can email each other.

I just want to say thank you, thank you thank you thank you, for every email or comment, for clicking and liking and reading and sharing and relating.  You know this is because of you, right?  Do you get that, how important you are to me, to writers?  Way important.  Way.

I love writing.  I sit in my basement and write my little fingers off every day.  But there have been times over the last few years of juggling blogging and parenting when I’ve thought about giving up, when I’ve wondered why I’m still up writing when I could be dragging my tired body to bed.  And then one of you would message me or email or comment, and we’d have that connection, and you’d remind me why I write, and why I write publicly, for everyone to see my junk, all my messy musings and life stuff.  It’s because we’re connected, because we’re all working out our parenting, our faith, our lives, and somehow we’re better together.  We need each other.  We’re not alone.  And I’m so grateful for you.

So that’s my big news.  I think really the only thing left to do is show you my happy dance.  So, let’s get it on.  (My dog photo-bombed the video while, um, giving himself a bath.  I can’t even try to be this awkward.  It just happens.)

featured image from Horla Varlan,