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Wanna Meet My New Daughter?

This little-big girl burst into our lives last summer and we fell in love.  Hard.  Her laughter fills our rooms and we are honored to get to introduce her to you as our daughter, our oldest and newest child.

I mean…that smile…that chin dimple…her sweetheart face.  She likes all things sporty and artsy, her favorite colors are blue and pink and neon yellow, and she loves dogs and cats.  She wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and she has a white board set up in her room so she can can play “school” with her siblings.

Doesn’t she look great smashed right there in the middle of us?

We’re all figuring out this thing called family.  Evie’s happy to have someone to sing with and dealing with having an older sister telling her what to do.

Elliott’s learning how to handle being the middle child…and the only boy…

I’m discovering that my brain melts when three little people all try to talk to me at the same time for fourteen hours straight, but oh, look at the cuteness of them together.

After months of cryptic tweets and posts about “A–” you probably want to know her name.

Anastasia.  She likes to be called Ana, rhymes with banana.  She’s our Ana Banana.

We never saw this coming.  Three kids?  Two girls?  There’s a reason I call this blog Unexpected.

I didn’t think I wanted kids.  Then I didn’t think I could have them.  Now I have three, from three different continents.

Thank you all for your prayers, your cheers, your precious likes and comments and emails and encouragement.  I read every word and this mama is oh so grateful for you.


These rad photos were taken by my friend at Donna Page Photography.

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