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Pollen and a Peep Recipe – Yellow Things We Love and Hate

I wrote this on the back of our van…forgetting that two of my kids can read now.

A– stood behind the car sounding it out with her adorable Russian accent.  “Mommy, waht eez thaht?  Pah-luhn sooks?  Pah-luhn sooks?  Waht eez sooks?”

I’m accepting nominations for Mom of the Year.

Face palm.  But seriously.  It really does suck.  I know I’ve already blogged All the Feelings about spring and allergies, but honestly, could pollen be any grosser?  It’s like being covered in yellow chalk, and yesterday Evie mixed bubbles with pollen, creating a yellow paste, which she proceeded to smear between her toes, all over her white dress, and in her hair.

Yellow pollen and yellow boogers are two spring things that can kiss the back of my van.  But there’s something else that’s yellow, springy, and doesn’t suck.

Peeps.  Peeps, with their gritty coating of dyed sugar, sticky insides, and long shelf life.  Last year after Easter, I stocked up on 50% off Peeps, and we are still sitting pretty on these little guys.  So now you know I occasionally binge on large amounts of sugar and chemicals, as well as enough preservatives to keep a marshmallow fluffy for an entire year in a pantry.

#NoShame (more about that in my next post)

Last year, several friends introduced me to the miraculous world of roasted Peeps, so now, I pass this on to you.  Look at me with the sharing recipes.  Next time maybe I could show you how to microwave frozen chicken nuggets.

Peeps Roasting on an Open Fire

(I know the ones in the pic aren’t yellow, but that’s because the classic colors go first, and when you’re buying them 50% off a year ago, you end up with the weird green ones.)

To make:

  1. Skewer Peeps.
  2. Hold above the flames and rotate to melt the sugar on all sides.  Beware the drippy Peep oozing right off its skewer and ruining your fun.
  3. Remove from heat and blow on it till it cools.  Do not eat right away, or you will permanently cauterize your taste buds and everything will taste like packing peanuts for the rest of your life.

Peeps are already awesome, but roasting them turns them into a culinary extravaganza.  Seriously, what mad genius came up with this?!?  The sugar caramelizes over the flame, and the marshmallow inside turns creamy.  It’s like a 50-cent version of creme brulee.

So, that’s my favorite thing to do with a Peep.  What about you?  Got a Peep recipe?  How do you eat your Peeps?