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Charts for Chart-Haters

I got all artsy and made you something.

With our incessant snow days and all this super duper togetherness with the kids, I’ve had little brain space for writing.  In order to make words and groups of words, I need silence, and my kids don’t know how to play that game.

So, instead of writing a bunch, I’ve been doodling with Sharpies.  This summer, I made a little funny pages version of a certain frazzled blogger.  We’ll call her Smelanie.  Her handle could be UnexpectedSmel.  (Oooh, flashing back to name-calling on the playground and experiencing a deep need for tetherball.)  For the last few weeks, she’s made all kinds of dubious and/or brilliant parenting decisions as she performed vignettes from my actual life.

I’ve combined my doodley doppelganger, who has way better hair, with my new love-hate affair with charts, and I’m offering this little book o’ charts for free, just because we all need a laugh.

To get a free download of Charts for Chart-Haters, starring Smelanie the frazzled mommy blogger, subscribe to my website,

As a subscriber, you’ll receive an email every time I post a new blog, which is usually three times a week.  I promise not to spam you, go all power-trippy with the publish button, or give your email to anyone else (Please.  I don’t share well.  My kids are constantly trying to eat my food, backwash in my water glass, and take my makeup.  I’m sick of sharing.).