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Ethical Shopping

10 Ways for a Regular Person to Fight Modern Day Slavery

Last November I kicked off a campaign called Slave-Free Christmas.  I tried to figure out what a regular mom who didn’t have the butt-kicking skills of Liam Neeson in Taken could do in the fight against modern day slavery.  I did it with my Christmas shopping and tried to buy gifts that helped people, not hurt them.  This November, I’ll endeavor to do the same, and blog about it here, but to get ready, I wrote a piece for Intentional Stewardship on 10 ways for a regular person to fight modern day slavery.

It’s estimated that 27 million men, women, and children are living in slavery today.

You can do one of two things with that statement.  You can tell yourself, “I don’t own slaves,” and carry on with your life.  Or, you can make it personal.  You might not own slaves yourself, but do you ever wonder who’s sewing your clothes, picking your coffee and chocolate beans, and assembling your children’s toys?

But who are you?  You’re not a highly trained commando who can bust down doors, sling children over your shoulders, and run for safety.  The only time you’ve been in a court room is when you had that speeding ticket a few years ago.  What can you do to fight injustice?  READ MORE