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Dating for Moms – Tip #3

Athletes have the little booty pat that we see happening on the sidelines.  It conveys “You’re doing a great job,” “We’re on the same team,” and “Go get ’em, tiger.”

We need a booty pat for mommies.  What can I do when I see you at Target and your daughter is waving her sass around and I can tell you’re frustrated but you’re handling it like a champ?  Booty pat.

Okay, but not, because even I think that’s crossing a line.  Maybe I’ll just settle for telling you.

Hey, mama.  You’re doing a great job.  I got my own crazy going on in my cart right here.  We had a meltdown in the Chapstick aisle the likes of which this store, this entire chain, has never seen.  But we’re holding the line, soldiering on, and we’re doing good work.

Moms need to hear that we’re doing a good job.  We don’t get performance reviews for motherhood.  We hear all kinds of judgment from everyone from our kids to the internet.  Where are we going to hear encouragement if not from each other?

So let’s lay it on thick.  The mama booty pat.  The nod, the smile, the you’re rocking this mom thing.

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Thanks to reader Amanda Mook for putting this awesome idea in my head and making me laugh!
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