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In an effort to carve out a little me-space in the house, Alex and I got rid of a ton of unused items and repurposed part of our bedroom closet as my new office.  A closoffice (pronounced “klauzoffiss”), if you will.  One trip to Ikea for a desk and an orange paper lantern and I’m in business.  Of course, me-space is realistically not a remote possibility for the next couple of decades.  Most days, I sit at this computer while my son clomps around in my high heeled shoes and asks about the difference between a stiletto and a wedge heel.  My dog cowers between my feet as my daughter uses his dog bed as a hat.  I am unfazed (mostly) and grateful for the new roost.

I think about my blogger heroes and picture them at work.  Jen Hatmaker is picking something juicy in her huge organic garden while dreaming up her next challenging-slash-snort-inducing post.  Ann Voskamp is in the middle of a field homeschooling, giving thanks for fresh loaves of bread rising in the oven.  I’m hiding in a closet in the semi-dark, hunched over my keyboard and looking up at unused hangers.  Not an outdoor girl.  Don’t need a lot of sunlight.  People, I grew up in Cleveland.  If Jen is the organic garden and Ann is the corn field, I’m the mold spores growing in the dank cellar.

Tonight in my closoffice, I sit on my folding chair (I think a real, non-butt-flattening desk chair is in my future.) devouring travel websites, learning as much as I can about the location of our next adventure.  Today we found out the WHERE portion of our Indian adoption adventure.  We don’t know WHO, or even how many.  We know WHAT, adoption.  We don’t know WHEN, could be months or years.  We know WHY, because God’s calling us to adopt and placed a love of India in our hearts and because the Bible says so and because we have so much room in our hearts and home.  We don’t know HOW, except that by God’s grace and power!!!  So we still have many many unknowns…but…now we know WHERE….

We’re headed to the West Coast!  No, not Hollywood.  Bollywood!  Our kids are in Mumbai, and we are so excited!  We really don’t have anymore answers than that at the moment.  I’m actually having a lot of fun with my “I don’t knows” right now.  It freaks some people out.  “How long is the process?”  I DON’T KNOW!  “How many kids are you adopting?”  I DON’T KNOW!  (We left it open.)  “How old will they be?  Say it with me:  I DON’T KNOW!  “What information will you receive about the kids?”  DON’T KNOW DON’T KNOW DON’T KNOW!  We’re on the God-ride, which is a joy-ride.  I’m resting in the unknowns and thrilled to have one thing known: the location of our kids.  I hope it’s soon.  I hope it’s 2013.  But until we meet them on paper and then meet them in person, I’ll be in my closoffice, googling Mumbai.