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Lighten Up #14: Zach Hoag

Hey guys! Today I have a BONUS episode of Lighten Up for you. Normally, I do this podcast every other week, but when I saw that The Walking Dead was back on after a very large and horrible cliffhanger at the end of season 6, I asked my Twitter bud Zach Hoag to join me so we could process our feelings about the season 7 opener.

Zach is a preacher, blogger, and author of The Light Is Winning, coming out in 2017, and I think we found each other live tweeting The Walking Dead. If you haven’t seen the new episode or are quietly judging me right now for my horrific taste in apocalyptic thrillers, don’t worry. Zach and I talk about his book and writing first, and Jesus, and church, and we’ll give you plenty of spoilery spoiler warnings before we get to the Dead. So…listen in and lighten up.

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How I Feel About The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1:


More About Zach:

Zach Hoag is an author, preacher, and creator from New England. Planting a church in one of the least churched cities in the U.S. (Burlington, Vermont), and pursuing ministry beyond that in a variety of spaces, Zach has learned a few things about the power of a deeply rooted life in Christ. Zach has found belonging in Westford, Vermont where he lives with his wife, Kalen, and their three girls.

Find Zach here:

Nothing but the Blood: The Gospel According to Dexter

The Light Is Winning: Why Religion Just Might Bring Us Back to Life (stay tuned, Zondervan 2017)


Twitter @zhoag




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